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Posted by on Mar 21, 2010 in Current Info | 0 comments

Today is March 21 AKA 3-21 AKA World Down Syndrome Day

Today is March 21 AKA 3-21 AKA World Down Syndrome Day. “Why today?” you may ask? Down syndrome is also known as Tri-somy 21 because there are three (tri) strands of chromosomes instead of the typical two strands on the 21st gene. The majority of people possess 46 genes in each of their cells (23 from dad and 23 from mom) and those born with Down syndrome (a condition not a disease) have one extra chromosome on the 21st pair. That “overexpression” on the 21st gene is the start of why people with Ds often have similar traits. The important thing to remember is that EVERY person with Down syndrome actually looks and acts more like their own family members and other human beings than they might be different.

God has designed each of us as a unique human being with strengths and weaknesses, gifts and possibilities. If you have never seen what a karyotype is (chart of chromosomes) here is what one with Down syndrome would look like. Take notice of the 21st pair….

File:Down Syndrome Karyotype.png
For more information, you can go to

To know someone with Down syndrome is a blessing! Let’s celebrate them today, World Down Syndrome Day, 3-21!!

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