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Posted by on Jul 8, 2012 in Current Info, Recent News | 0 comments

SMILE on Down Syndrome is excited to announce its partnership with Energizing Indiana.

SMILE on Down Syndrome is excited to announce its partnership with Energizing Indiana. Please read below to learn how you can participate in this FREE program and earn $25 for SMILE. It is a great way to not only find out how you can reduce your energy bills, but an easy way that you can help raise funds for SMILE!

Energizing Indiana is a third party organization that has been brought together by the big six electric companies in the state of Indiana. These companies have been tasked by state regulators to reduce energy consumption in our state by 2% by 2019. To do so, they are offering voluntary programs to the public to help make home improvements to save on electric bills. The six participating electric companies are offering these no cost, voluntary programs proactively to save families money and improve their energy efficiency. This will ultimately help consumption for Indiana as more and more families participate and gain knowledge how their household’s habits and home maintenance can impact the entire state.

One of their programs that is being offered is the Home Energy Assessments. Once a participant has signed up, Energizing Indiana calls and schedules an appointment to go through the home (from crawl space or basement to attic) to look for problem areas and to improve comfort and energy efficiency. They also bring a kit that they leave with the families that includes up to nine CFL bulbs, up to three low-flow faucet aerators, up to two low-flow showerheads, water heater insulation wrap on electric water heaters, and hot water pipe wrapping. All of this is FREE to the families. The electric companies are underwriting the cost of this entire program, so anyone signing up does not have to pay anything to participate. Once the assessment has been completed, Energizing Indiana will provide the household with a detailed report at the time of the assessment.

Please contact Nikki Davis at for paperwork or more information. We additionally have workplace and group/event information as well if you would like to ask co-workers to participate or if you would like to leave information in your breakroom.

Thank you kindly for your time and consideration!!! PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD ON THIS EXCITING OPPORTUNITY!!!

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