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Thank you for your interest in helping SMILE on Down Syndrome!

S.M.I.L.E. on Down Syndrome now has three exciting fundraising events. Our annual SMILE Mile, Trucks & Heroes, as well as our new A Night of Stars and Style event. Check out those pages for more specific details!

We also look forward to working with you and supporting your fundraising or event efforts on our behalf. Please take a few moments to contact Executive Director Nikki Davis at 812-449-4118 to run your idea by us and to obtain official permission as well as information that you can use for your fundraising efforts.

Need ideas? We can help you with that, too…

Here are some exciting ones some of our S.M.I.L.E. families and friends have done for us recently…

-“My niece’s 1st grade class had a project a couple of months ago. They were each given 5 dollars to turn into a fundraiser of their choice. Ashton bought 5 dollars worth of suckers and sold them to raise money for her chairity. She collected 300 dollars and wants to give it to SMILE.”

-Others have created items for sale:


-Others have hosted concerts and entertainment events