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S.M.I.L.E. Library

Negotiating the Special Education Maze – Anderson, Chitwood, Hayden

Alternate Assessments – Brookes Publishing

From Emotions to Advocacy – Wright

Believe in My Child with Special Needs – Falvey

Writing Measurable IEP Goals and Objectives – Bateman

Teaching Reading to Children with Down Syndrome – Oelwein

Teaching Math to People with Down Syndrome – Horstmeier

Classroom Language Skills for Children with Down Syndrome – Kumin

Steps to Independence – Teaching Every day Skills to Children with Special Needs – Baker

Super Silly Sayings that are Over Your Head – A Children’s Illustrated Book of Idioms – Snodgrass

The Hidden Curriculum – Practical Solutions for Understanding Unstated Rules in Social Situations –

Myles, Traytman, Schelvan

Building Social Relationships – Bellini

Please Contact Nina Fuller (925-6839) to check out any books from the SMILE library or fill out the form below