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How your sponsorship makes a difference

SMILE On Down Syndrome has been our strongest resource. Our son Rahmel is 10 years old. We adopted him when he was 7, and SMILE has helped educate us, encourage us, and keep us connected to other families that also have someone with Down Syndrome in their lives. SMILE helps us to receive and pay for therapies that Rahmel has benefitted from. We are so appreciative for SMILE being able to help us to afford these therapies, so our Rahmel can be the best he is able to be.
-Yuthana Muntzer

My name is Joy and my daughter Dahlia was born with Down Syndrome. From the beginning when I found out the results of my amniocyntesis that she did have Down syndrome, I was scared and overwhelmed. However, as soon as my name was passed along to the SMILE family, it has been nothing but support and prayers. My little angel also had a severe heart defect that landed her in the hospital very early in her young life. The SMILE family was there to lend their prayers and anything else that we needed. I am a single mother with two other children and my income is and was very limited. SMILE payed for gas so that I could go to Indianapolis to be with my newborn baby. I have called on SMILE to help me get some supplies that her insurance was reluctant to pay for and SMILE was willing to pay for them. There was never a time that my family and I felt so welcome into a new community of people. People from all over the area were offering hope and faith and help to someone they didn’t even know. That in and of itself speaks thousands. There will never be enough time or things that I can do to repay. Thank You sponsors for all that you do to keep the faith and hope.
-Joy and Dahlia P.

Because Down syndrome means the triplication of a chromosome, the result in my daughter’s body is a cacophony of metabolic errors–many places where the chemistry of her body is “off.” One of the most effective treatments we have found for my daughter is nutritional supplementation that targets those metabolic errors. The problem is that these nutrients are not covered by insurance and they are expensive!

Through SMILE, my daughter has been able to receive the specific nutrient supplements that she needs to stay healthy. It makes a difference in her life, and for that I thank you.
-Miriam Kauk
Mom of Mary, age 18, DS